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Do what you love for a living!

Be part of a community that supports you.

Whether you refer to it as your true work, your passion, your calling, your purpose or even your hobby, it doesn’t matter, we all know its persistent urging. The problem is most of us don’t know how to answer its call.

The Shift Village is a community helping people discover ways to do the work that they love for a living. The Shift Village offers tools, techniques and integrated network of support to help you realize your work dreams. Discover a world of resources, products, courses, events, coaching and services to support you in making the shift toward work that is both fulfilling and sustainable.

Benefit from the Shift

As old corporate, political and social systems are failing, new opportunities are presenting themselves through new technology, social media and a vast array of free or low cost resources available to the average person. Today, we can truly set our own course to do the work we love and earn a living doing so.

We believe in helping individuals help themselves to thrive. We offer resources, tools and training to guide you and a network to support you, but you are still in the driver’s seat. We have learned from experience that this is so much more fun and rewarding.

Join the Shift Village

  • Pursue fulfillment versus achievement
  • Maintain a sustainable lifestyle using your unique talents
  • Be part of community doing good work
  • Connect with others like you and become supported for success
  • Find products, services, resources & events to help you live better
  • Link with prospective buyers, sellers, partners and suppliers

We have just begun to lay the foundation. With your help, we imagine the Shift Village becoming an evolving, expanding model for the future that will eventually inspire, lead, mentor and teach others.

Welcome to our community!